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Burna Boy Teases His Upcoming Album With “Kilometre”


Burna Boy

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

This song will definitely make you put your plate of Jollof rice down and dance your ass off.

I really like Burna Boy’s last two projects. In my opinion, both of them showed the world that he is more than just an Afropop artist that knows how to make ass-shaking music. With that being said, the ass-shaking music that he did put on the album definitely struck a chord with me. Today, Burna announced that he will be releasing a brand new project really soon. The first single off it, “Kilometre,” is, you guessed it, an ass-shaking banger!

Yes, Burna Boy says ‘kilometre’ at least 100 times in “Kilometre.” However, he also blesses us with a hook that is ridiculously catchy, lyrics that will remind you why he’s the f**king man, and flows that are as consistent as Russell Westbrook’s numbers. While my ears don’t love the song, my dancing feet do.

If I were to guess, Burna Boy will have better songs than “Kilometre” on his upcoming album…

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