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K.I.R.B. Calls Out A Heartbreaker In “Issues”



RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

K.I.R.B. holds absolutely nothing back in “Issues.”

I think K.I.R.B. is going to own 2021. His take on emo-rap/pop is refreshing, unique, and extremely enjoyable. If you want to become a K.I.R.B. believer, I recommend that you press play on “Issues.”

“Issues” is about fighting back against folks that think that your heart has a warranty on it. Throughout the song, K.I.R.B. talks about a recent heartbreak and questions why the person that he once loved decided to hurt him.

Personally, what I love about “Issues” is that it is a very relatable song (You’ve dealt with heartbreak before, right?). I also love the highly infectious melodies and fearless vocal performance that K.I.R.B. gifts us with.

Listen to the powerful/enjoyable “Issues” below.




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