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Baby Keem Calls On Travis Scott For “Durag Activity”


Baby Keem & Travis Scott

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I’m finding out that I am a Baby Keem fan.

The other day, I jammed the f**k out to Baby Keem’s “No Sense” track while I was driving down 495. To me, it’s a matter of time before he blows up. Today, Keem decided to release “Durag Activity,” a song that might make him blow up quicker than expected.

OK, I admit, this “Durag Activity” track is a little weird… Baby Keem sounds hungover, like he’s hop-scotching, and slightly bored in the song. As for featured guest Travis Scott, he actually puts up a fantastic verse! in it, he flows very well and trades in his robotic melodies for very gangsta deliveries. (Travis definitely makes this song decent)

Do y’all think Baby Keem has next?

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