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Miles Prime & Roca Dolla Drop Both Hard-Hitting & Wisdom-Filled Bars In “What Comes Up”


Miles Prime & Roca Dolla

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

They don’t make rap joints like “What Comes Up” anymore.

Newsflash: Miles Prime can rap his ass off. Not only will true fans of hip-hop love the meaningful lyrics that he tends to plug into his raps, but they will also love how he tries to go to war with every single beat that he hops on. In a little more than a week, Miles Prime will release his debut album Miles Ahead. To hype us up for the album, he decided to drop “What Comes Up,” a track that features harder bars than your local prison.

Seriously, both Miles Prime and Roca Dolla go the hell off on “What Comes Up.” Throughout the song, the two MCs hit us with killer punchlines, lyrics that straddle the line between trill and knowledgable masterfully, and most importantly, flows that are next-level good (I’m astonished at how easily they ride the song’s beat, despite it having a bit of an unorthodox tempo).

If “What Comes Up” doesn’t get you amped up for Miles Ahead, you are tripping with no maps. Make sure you check out the album when it comes out (May 7th).

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