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Miley Cyrus Hops On The Kid LAROI’s “WITHOUT YOU”

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The Kid LAROI & Miley Cyrus

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Ironically, “WITHOUT YOU” blew up without Miley Cyrus…

Never did I think that The Kid LAROI’s “WITHOUT YOU” track would blow up. No, I do not think that the song is bad, I just didn’t think that people would appreciate it (It’s an acquired taste). Well, the song is doing serious numbers right now. Matter of fact, “WITHOUT YOU” is doing so good, Miley Cyrus decided to hop on its official remix.

I don’t love the fact that The Kid LAROI has worked with Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus these last couple of weeks, just because I feel like he’s straying farther and farther away from his hip-hop roots. With that being said, I am very happy that “WITHOUT YOU” is doing well. I also think that the silver lining of this remix is that it will open up The Kid LAROI to a brand new audience. Also, my last point is that Miley Cyrus actually does a phenomenal job of plugging in a well-needed female perspective to the very passionate song.

Give “WITHOUT YOU (REMIX)” a shot below.

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