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NLE Choppa Releases “Final Warning”


NLE Choppa

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

NLE Choppa absolutely slides on this song.

If you follow NLE Choppa on Instagram, you are probably confused by the music that he is releasing these days. I don’t follow homeboy, so I have zero problems with him showing the world his violent side in his last couple of songs. With that being said, NLE’s latest single, “Final Warning,” will be the first time a vegan makes you hide under your bed.

“Final Warning” is mean as s**t. For starters, the song features a beat that probably did time for attempted murder. As for NLE Choppa, he raps steadily and aggressively about pulling up on ops and hanging with shooters. On the real, the Memphis rapper literally sounds like a dread-headed Freddy Krueger in the song.

Listen to the very ferocious “Final Warning” below.

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