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Rick Ross & Cruel Youth Join Forces For “No Bark When I Bite”

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Rick Ross & Cruel Youth

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

If the dog doesn’t bark when it bites, does it at least scratch the hell out of folks when it bites (My dog has to protect me somehow)?

I have yet to press play on Epix’s Godfather Of Harlem series. I have gotten a chance to listen to a bunch of songs from the television series’ soundtracks, though. Today, yet another single from its second soundtrack, “No Bark When I Bite” featuring Rick Ross and Cruel Youth, has hit streaming services.

Based on this song’s build-up, you would think that you were about to listen to one of the most powerful hip-hop songs of all time. Once the song’s beat eventually drops, I’m not going to lie, I asked myself, that’s it? Whatever the case may be, “No Bark When I Bite” features a very stirring hook by Cruel Youth, this organ-heavy beat that will make even an atheist say “Glory To GOD,” and verses by Rick Ross that will remind you how much bosses get taxed, tested, loved, and exhausted.

Give “No Bark When I Bite” a shot and a half below.

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