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Indea Nikole Shines In “Talk To Me”


Indea Nikole

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

I absolutely love the vulnerability that Indea Nikole shows in “Talk To Me.”

I need the mood to be right whenever I listen to any song by singer/songwriter Indea Nikole. In my opinion, she is fantastic when it comes to connecting with listeners through music that oozes honesty, intoxicating vibes, and soulful vocal performances. “Talk To Me,” Indea’s latest release, is a track that highlights all of her biggest strengths.

“Talk To Me” boasts a very stirring R&B instrumental. Over it, using melodies that will get stuck in your head and passionate vocals, Indea does a fantastic job of letting us know about her past relationships and how they have molded the way she moves today. If you are someone that has walked in Indea’s shoes before, I guarantee that this song will strike a chord with you.

Give the very impressive “Talk To Me” a shot below.




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