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Niia’s Latest Single “We Were Never Friends” Is a Gorgeously Crafted Examination of Love and Friendship



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“We Were Never Friends” is a hauntingly elegant love song that doesn’t end happily ever after.

Los Angeles-based multitalented artist Niia is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, director, and muse. Niia has worked on multiple projects, numerous collaborations, and her music has hit 20 million streams. For her latest single, “We Were Never Friends,” she’s joined by guest vocalist Solo Woods, a Chicago-based R&B independent artist. Her latest track also has a gorgeous accompanying black and white music video which is self-directed by Niia.

According to Niia, the story behind her track reflects on her own dating habits, which she states were a pattern of “people that would come into my life then be gone forever.” The song itself has fairly minimalistic instrumentals, keeping the focus on the lyrics and Niia and Solo Woods’s delivery; both of which have the required strength to keep this track feeling alive with ever-changing emotions. The artists complement each other extremely well and the result feels smooth and effortlessly beautiful.

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