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ASTN Hits Satisfyingly Smooth Notes With R&B Styled “What’s It Gonna Take”



RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

ASTN blends soft soulful vibes with punchy pop vibes for an emotional journey of reflection.

Twenty-two-year-old Florida native ASTN makes music that blends elements of jazz, R&B, and pop masterfully. He first debuted his music back in 2017 with hisTell Your Friends EP. His lead single, “Love No More,” helped him build his initial fan base. Since then, he’s released the love-inspired single “Flowers” and EP Leave Me Before I Love You. In 2020, ASTN took a break from song distribution to focus on honing his musical skills. His latest release is the single “What’s It Gonna Take.”

This track is a very chill/laidback pop tune with some R&B and indie sounds thoughtfully woven in. According to an interview with ASTN, “What’s It Gonna Take” is about “being trapped in a never-ending cycle of being the second choice,” as well as how he comprehended his move to LA and acclimated with the city’s industry. ASTN’s vocals are soft yet captivating throughout, and his light deliveries are reminiscent of a moodier Shawn Mendes. “What’s It Gonna Take” will resonate with fans of indie pop and alternative R&B.

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