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Trust Tate Reflects On Miracles & Opportunities With “Real Reasons”


Trust Tate

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Trust Tate recounts dark experiences and harsh realities in “Real Reasons.”

New Jersey-based rapper and producer Trust Tate has built a community on SoundCloud, releasing over 150 songs, remixes, and demos for his loyal fans. His backstory is truly inspirational. In 1994, in North Bronx, a 7 months old Trust Tate was hit twice by stray bullets while being pushed in a stroller by his grandmother, yet he managed to survive. His miraculous tale of survival is reflected in his “Real Reasons” a track off his latest album Trust.

This track dives right into Tate’s past as he recounts the incident that almost ended his life and his emotional journey seeing those who weren’t as lucky as him. The somber notes woven into the beats set a dark serious tone, enhancing the main focus which is the lyrics reflecting a deeper purpose for the rapper. Trust Tate’s experiences are an important reminder to count your blessings and never forget those lost to violence.

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