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YG, Mozzy & Blxst Join Forces For “Perfect Timing”

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YG, Mozzy, and Blxst

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I wonder what YG, Mozzy, and Blxst all think about NBA’s Play-In tournament…

At this very moment, YG, Mozzy, and Blxst are the three musicians that represent California the best, to me. Thankfully, they are all cool enough to do a song together. Today, the trio decided to release “Perfect Timing,” a track that I think is undeniably dope.

“Perfect Timing” is smooth as hell. The song is powered by this calm beat that knocks every once in a while. Over it, Blxst hits us with a hook that is both infectious and pure, Mozzy hits us with a trill-ass verse that promotes loyalty, and YG hits us with a verse that will remind you how successful he is. When you combine everything that I just mentioned, you end up with a nice little bop that you can play while you’re laying out on a beach.

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