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This heartwarming track will inspire you and your number one to take on the world.

Haitian artist Jozier has recently released his latest single “Best Friend” along with an accompanying music video. The entire three-minute track is all about Jozier’s ride or die (AKA the one that brings out the best in him). “Best Friend” has some super catchy uplifting beats and the track’s lyrics are filled with sugary sweet messages of love like “My other half makes me better every second.” 

The playful music video has some fun supernatural Bonnie and Clyde vibes as Jozier and his best friend journey through desert lands in a Mercedes, occasionally cutting away to Jozier declaring his love for his darling. Overall, “Best Friend” is a catchy feel-good summer track perfect for listening to with your beloved bestie and getting caught up in the romantic vibes.

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