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Lil Tecca Sounds Like He “Never Left” In New Single

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Lil Tecca

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

I look forward to every single Lil Tecca release for some odd reason.

I’m sure y’all think that I am a Lil Tecca hater… Well, actually, I am (How can a dude with Urkel-like glasses get away with saying some hood-ass s**t in his music?)! All jokes aside, what bothers me about Tecca is that he is wildly inconsistent. To be more specific, I think that a few of his songs are great, while I think that a few of his other songs are God-Awful. With that being said, “Never Left,” Tecca’s latest single, is pretty dope.

“Never Left” features a lively trap beat that I absolutely love, impressive flows (Tecca actually rides the song’s beat pretty well), very irresistible melodies, and big-boy lyrics. If you ask me, Tecca killed s**t by sticking his chest out like he was Janet on this joint.

Whoa, I might actually add this “Never Left” track to my sacred ITunes library (I might add it to my top rated playlist, too).

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