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Benny The Butcher, Che Noir, & Klass Murda Keep It 100 In “Love Left”

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Benny The Butcher, Che Noir, Klass Murda

RGM GRADE (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Benny The Butcher, Che Noir, and Klass Murda spill their hearts out like never before in “Love Left.”

On the real, when it comes to street s**t, I take notes whenever Benny The Butcher and anyone that he hops on a song with speaks. “Love Left,” a song that features Benny The Butcher and a few of his homies, dropped, and as expected, it is full of passion and trillness.

I grew up on mafioso rap, so I appreciate the GodFather-Esque raps that you get in “Love Left.” To be more specific, I appreciate how Benny, Che, and Klass each tackle the topics of loyalty, snitches, street codes, and love fearlessly in the song. I also f**k with the sly-ass style that Benny The Butcher raps with, the hard-hitting style that Che raps with, and the grungy style that Klass Murda raps with. S**t, I might press play on that Griselda movie after hearing this joint.

Listen to “Love Left” below.

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