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If you’ve ever felt underappreciated in your life (Which I am sure you have), “Side Story” will resonate with you.

As a major fan of hip-hop music, I have to tell you this: In my opinion, there’s nothing better than listening to a rapper spill their heart out in a song. Luckily, the man of the hour, EliDagreat, is a rapper that likes to tackle very deep topics in his music. In his latest release, “Side Story,” he talks about the feeling of not being acknowledged for who he is as a person.

“Side Story” is powered by an instrumental that boasts nothing but emotional vibes. Over it, EliDaGreat does a good job of rapping with a style that is engaging, soothing, and relatable. He also does a good job of piecing together his thoughts fearlessly. All in all, “Side Story” is a very powerful experience.

Listen to “Side Story” by EliDaGreat below.

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