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Isaiah Rashad Returns To The Music Scene With “Lay Wit Ya”

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Isaiah Rashad & Duke Deuce

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

It ain’t quite Kendrick, but I’ll take it!

Where the hell has Isaiah Rashad been? I remember thinking that he had next like four years ago. Maybe Isaiah is ready to finally blow up with the release of “Lay Wit Ya.”

I guess “Lay Wit Ya” is dope… The song features a hard-ass beat that Three Six Mafia would probably do work over, some gangsta-ass verses by Isaiah Rashad and Duke Deuce, and a hook by Isaiah that will definitely make you want to spill some drinks in a lit-ass club (The hook is the best thing about the song). All in all, “Lay Wit Ya” is the ultimate teaser track.


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