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J. Cole

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Holy s**t, it’s happening! (Breathe, Q, breathe)

Only J. Cole can break the internet with a song called “I n t e r l u d e.” Matter of fact, I am writing this review from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Thankfully, the song lives up to its expectations (Yes, I was expecting something huge from a song called “I N T E R L U D E”).

Do you know what makes “I n t e r l u d e” so great? It features a sound that J. Cole tends to excel using. Not only is the song powered by an instrumental that mixes soulful old-school vibes with slight trap vibes, but it also features Cole’s signature melodic raps, lyrics that are inspired by his come-up/killer instinct/hood-certified ways, and a splash (Just a splash) of boastfulness. Yes, it looks like The Offseason will feature classic Cole!

I’m calling off my surgery to listen to Cole’s new album (I don’t need my ankle).

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