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Kash Doll

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Kash Doll has returned to being my second favorite KD!

Remember when Kash Doll and Kevin Durant clashed on Twitter regarding the KD nickname? While most people thought that she was bonkers to think that she was on Durant’s level (Including myself), I feel like not enough people were putting respect on her name in general. In my humbling opinion, Kash is a pretty solid rapper that has the backing of a lot of big-name artists. Well, today, she dropped a new single called “Thumbin” that will definitely make you put respect on her name.

“Thumbin” will make you want to count money; no, not Monopoly money or Usher bucks, money money! Throughout the song, over a riveting trap beat, Kash Doll reminds us in clever, aggressive, and blunt ways that her favorite color is green. While you’re going to love the flows that she raps with in the song, you might not love the annoying-ass hook that she blesses us with.

If folks loved Jesus as much as they love money, this world would be a better place…

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