Quando Rondo makes news for his music with the release of “Still Taking Risks.”




Quando Rondo decided to drop “Angel Wings” as a single on his 22nd birthday.

“Angel Wings” is yet another track in which Quando Rondo spills his heart out about his tumultuous life. Throughout the song, he talks about a few snakes he’s trying to dodge, all of the guns that he keeps in his arsenal, and his bright future. Whether you are a Quando Rondo fan or not, you have to admire how fearless he sounds in the track.



“Okay” is the type of track that I think humanizes Quando Rondo a little.

“Okay” features some soul-clenching hums, a beat that is gentle, very simple melodies, easygoing rap deliveries, and most importantly, lyrics that let the world know the struggles that Quando Rondo goes through on a daily basis. Even if you hate the man, you should be able to relate to his pain.




You can hear NBA YoungBoy’s influence all over “Red Eye.”

So, “Red Eye” isn’t about late-night flights… What the song is about is violence, violence, and more violence. What makes it interesting is that Quando gets very descriptive about what he plans to do to his enemies in the song. Matter of fact, he almost sounds like the demented villain from Saw.

The erratic flows and melodies that Quando toys with in “Red Eye” will make NBA YoungBoy proud as hell. Even the beat sounds like something NBA would smash.




Still Taking Risks starts off very strongly with “Blue Man.”

Do you know what I like about “Blue Man?” In the song, Quando Rondo lets the world know that he is unbothered in every kind of way. To be more specific, in his raps, he reminds the world that he’s packing guns, smashing the baddest chicks, making money, and walking the streets confidently. While his verses are full of aggression, the hook features a melody that is hard to ignore. The song’s icing on the cake is its riveting beat.




“I Thought” is easily one of Quando Rondo’s best tracks to date.

Everything about “I Thought” reminds me of Duck Hunt: The beat (Whoever is playing the piano on this track is a Casio superstar), the lyrics (Quando takes shots at his ops, critics, and disloyal women in his verses), and even the emotional hook (I used to be sad as s**t seeing those ducks fall out of the screen).


1. BLUE MAN (4/5)

2. RED EYE (3/5)

3. DROP SUM (3/5)


5. I THOUGHT (4/5)

6. PURPLE BABY (3/5)

7. OKAY (4/5)

8. 21 (3/5)

9. ANGEL WINGS (4/5)


11. CEST FRIENDS (3/5)

12. NO MORE (3/5)

13. DND & AIRPLANES (2/5)

14. SOUL REAPER (3/5)

15. STAND ON IT (3/5)

16. END OF STORY (BONUS) (3/5)


18. GO THAT WAY (3/5)




I’m going to pass on talking about the things that have happened to Quando Rondo these last couple of months, mainly because I am not qualified to talk about it. What I will say is that I do think that his music is solid. In Still Taking Risks, he tries to reach his potential in the midst of controversy.

I am a fan of rappers that let their heart bleed on tracks. With that being said, whether he’s talking about guns, his rough come-up, or making money, Quando Rondo sounds as explosive and emotional as it gets. Matter of fact, on a few songs, you can literally feel his passion through your speakers. While sometimes I do think that he oversings and sounds too out of control, there are times in which he sounds composed and like someone that has a great understanding of how to make melodies that are infectious. At the end of the day, I think that a little bit of polishing here and there could help Quando have a decent career.

RIP to King Von.

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2 thoughts on “Quando Rondo – Still Taking Risks (Album Review)

  1. Definitely my favourite Quando album
    In my opinion every song is a banger
    But like you said a little Polish and he’ll be goated real soon

    Favourite: Red Eye
    Least favourite: none everything is platinum worthy

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