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Kodak Black, Pooh Shiesty & Syko Bob

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

It looks like Burrr-er heads have prevailed between Kodak Black and Pooh Shiesty.

Personally, I think that 90% of the beefs that occur between rappers are misunderstandings. With that being said, I’m sure whatever differences that both Kodak Black and Pooh Shiesty had a few months ago were absolutely nothing. To prove my point, the two southern rappers decided to unite for “Rip Stick,” a goon’s anthem.

“Rip Stick” is meaner than a Subway worker that gets asked to make seven different sandwiches for one party. The song features a beat that is cold as hell, three stiff-ass rap styles, zero melodies, and lots of gun talk. On the real, I can’t tell if each rapper was bored, exhausted, or suffering from chills when they laid their verses down.

Listen to “Rip Stick” below.

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