EmoneyBBE hits us with nothing but tough-ass bars in “The Talk.”






EmoneyBBE bets on himself in “Woah Woah.”

“Woah Woah” is powered by a beat that is so smooth, I’m pretty sure that it will make you want to roll up (Y’all know what I mean by ‘roll up,’ right? Fruit Rollups!). Over it, EmoneyBBE raps about the confidence that he has in himself, about a few wins he has been able to garner these last couple of years, and about stealing our lovely women. While I do f**k with the melodies that he raps with, I’m not gonna lie, vocally, he sounds out of it (He must’ve smoked on that Khalifa Kush before he recorded this song).




EmoneyBBE explains to the world what real beef is in “Fake Beef.”

I wholeheartedly believe that Biggie’s “What’s Beef” track is one of the toughest rap songs ever. What I like about it is that you get a chance to hear Big, a dude that was really in the streets with the wolves, give us his definition of beef. In “Fake Beef,” Emoney does a good job of giving us his own definition of beef.

Believe it or not, “Fake Beef” is powered by a beat that knocks but is also very soulful. Thankfully, Emoney doesn’t acquiesce to the beat’s nature; instead, he hits us with heinous-ass bars that will remind you how ruthless, violent, wicked, and vengeful he is capable of being. While he sounds pretty calm and collected for most of the song, he does give us moments in which he comes across as extra aggravated.



1. CCS

I’m pretty sure that EmoneyBBE stole Marty McFly’s DeLorean, traveled to 1994, and made “CCS” with a young Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre by his side in a studio that eventually became a Best Buy a few years later.

Seriously, EmoneyBBE puts up a vintage performance in “CCS.” Not only does he hit us with classic flows, but he also hits us with a few punchlines that only 80s babies would understand. He also spits his bars over a beat that has old-school vibes written all over it. Emoney does plug in a few bars here and there that will let you know that he’s hip to the action that his generation tends to get into.

Do you know why I think that EmoneyBBE is a dangerous dude? Because he sounds so f**king unbothered in this song, even though he talks big s**t.


1. CCS (4/5)

2. FAKE BEEF (4/5)

3. MERCY (4/5)

4. JIG WIT (3/5)

5. WOAH WOAH (3/5)

6. LIFE ON EDGE (3/5)

7. EYE DULLS (3/5)




Though The Talk only features seven songs, I do think that EmoneyBBE puts up a memorable performance on the album. Below are some things that I liked and didn’t quite like about it.

What I like about The Talk:

  • The beats are outstanding. You can tell that EmoneyBBE grew up listening to 90s rap. A good chunk of the beats on The Talk reminds me of s**t that everyone’s favorite MCs from back in the day would spit bars over. Most beats also do a fantastic job of straddling the line between trill and meditative.
  • Emoney’s gritty-ass lyrics. Even though I am someone that is all about peace, I admit, Emoney’s violent bars sounded so f**king riveting to me. Matter of fact, listening to The Talk felt like listening to an audio tape of a Jason Statham movie at times.
  • Emoney’s confidence on the mic. Though I wouldn’t call Emoney the best rapper that I’ve ever heard, what I can call him is someone that sounds like he was made for this s**t. I like how he takes command of beats throughout The Talk, making sure that every single word that he delivers is felt in listeners’ souls.

What I DON’T like about The Talk:

  • Emoney’s flows. While I’m sure Emoney will tell us that he experiments with flows in The Talk, some didn’t quite click with me. If he can striaghten that department up, I think he could kill s**t for years to come.
  • Emoney’s topics. As I stated earlier, I’m down for Emoney’s violent talk. With that being said, if Emoney gave us just a few more topics to indulge in, I think this album could be taken to another level (Especially considering how powerful the beats are).

I did enjoy The Talk. It flows well and features a good mix of old-school and new-school music.


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