Sugar Addikt Release Energetic Uptempo Dance Track “Shackles”


Sugar Addikt

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“Shackles” will resonate with techno dance lovers ready to groove all night long.

Sugar Addikt is a Seattle-based electronic dance music mother and son duo heavily influenced by the techno-driven beats of the ’80s. Vanessa Littrell is a vocalist and songwriter, and her son Bowman Littrell has been making electronic music since 2012. The two describe Sugar Addikt as “a Nordic, folk-based, synth-loving, family affair that emulated the tunes of yester-decade.” The group’s name comes from the compelling nature of electro-pop. “Shackles” is a track off their latest EP release Phoenix.

The fun dance track is filled with catchy techno-driven beats and simple yet meaningful lyrics about not holding yourself back. The electronic elements include synth sounds and dynamic drums matched with a combination of 80’s dance energy and a futuristic vibe. I do think that the track’s style is for a specific audience and might not resonate with everyone. Still, I personally find “Shackles” to be a captivating track that’s also extremely danceable.







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