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“Feel Good” is a memorable upbeat track that’s filled with noteworthy lyrics and contagious beats.

Hip-hop artist Yons is a St. Petersburg, Florida raised/Louisville-based alternative producer, songwriter, audio engineer, and sound designer. He is a part of the production and sound design team Pelham & Junior and the founder of The Space Campaign, a project he started with musical artist Jordon Jetson. Yons has done production work for several industry artists, and his work with Pelham & Junior has appeared on Splice and The Drum Broker. Yons has also released critically acclaimed solo hip-hop albums that have been featured on popular online blogs. “Feel Good” is a track off his latest EP, The Laws Of Motion.

This track is filled with a variety of smooth beats and uplifting sounds. “Feel Good” starts out with some jazzy horns, leading to Yons’s sharp delivery, and guest feature Lisamrainey provides a gorgeous contrast with some soulful vocals. “Feel Good” is absolutely satisfying and has a timeless sense to it that will resonate with fans of hip-hop, R&B, and Soul. To experience the full depth of Yons’s latest track, check out the rest of the EP, The Laws Of Motion.

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