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Comatose Red Ivy Tackles A Deep Topic In “Ivy’s Cyanide Dream”

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Comatose Red Ivy

Comatose Red Ivy returns with the very powerful “Ivy’s Cyanide Dream.”

Comatose Red Ivy is a fighter. After surviving a poisoning just a few months ago, she decided to fearlessly dabble in music. CRI’s latest single, “Ivy’s Cyanide Dream,” is a track that I consider to be explosive, action-packed, powerful, and unique.

“Ivy’s Cyanide Dream” tackles Comatose Red Ivy’s near-death experience. Since the song is powered by an instrumental that is pretty intense, you get everything from volcanic to untamed to passionate deliveries out of Comatose. You also get a chance to hear her piece together words in a way that is truly unique.

Listen to Comatose Red Ivy’s “Ivy’s Cyanide Dream” below.


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