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Sada Baby, Big Sean, & Hit-Boy Spit Hefty Bars In “Little While

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Sada Baby, Big Sean & Hit-Boy

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Sada Baby makes the most gangsta workout music that I’ve ever heard.

No one in the hip-hop game makes the type of music that Sada Baby makes. Not only is he someone that likes to spit bars over beats that will make you want to exercise, but he sounds like a raspy savage, too. In “Little While,” Sada meshes his unique style with Big Sean’s quirky style.

“Little While” features an uptempo beat (I swear, you can breakdance to it), fun lyrics, and a hook that I think is catchy as f**k. While Big Sean comes through with a verse that is sly and full of clever punchlines, Sada’s verse might be one of the most atrocious but entertaining I’ve ever heard (He is a refreshingly bizarre rapper).

Listen to “Little While” with Sada Baby and Big Sean below.

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