City Girls


I’m stepping off the dance floor once “Twerkulator” comes on (I have trouble handling first-team all twerkers).

I don’t care what you Christians say, the world is a better place with City Girls in it. There’s a level of fearlessness that they show as musicians that I think should never be taken for granted. Today, the duo decided to release “Twerkulator,” a track that will make you shake your ass and laugh hysterically at the same time.

“Twerkulator” is the greatest creation ever made… Even better than sanitizer bottles with squirters. The song turns the infamous “Perculator” hit (Which I have no clue who made) into something that is refreshingly ratchet, sexy, and confrontational. After the initial WTF-ness that will run through your head when you first press play on the track, you will fall in love with it (Hopefully y’all read my sarcasm).

Every day, I’m feeling older and older.

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