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Lil Nas X

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Lil Nas X went from the Devil to a soul healer (This man is amazing).

I found it a bit comical reading all of the angry Tweets aimed at Lil Nas X’s way after he dropped “Montero” a few weeks ago. On the real, I was shocked at how the same dude that made the beloved “Old Town Road” was able to ruffle the feathers of so many grown folks. If you were someone that was bothered by “Montero,” I think you might regain your soft spot for Nas X after listening to “Sun Goes Down.”

“Sun Goes Down” is such a charming track. In it, over a beat that sounds like some s**t iann dior would do major work over (Matter of fact, the song’s melodies and beat sounds almost identical to the melodies and beat that you hear on iann dior’s “Holding On“), Lil Nas X opens up about overcoming suicidal thoughts and verbal harassment. Personally, what I like about the song is that it covers some pretty serious topics, but it also has this warm feeling attached to it that will let you know that someone in this world has your back whenever you need some support. The song also boasts an emo-rap sound that is very pleasant to the ears.

Listen to “Sun Goes Down” below.

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