Polo G & Lil Wayne

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Right now, I think that Polo G is in a pocket that only Lil Wayne can understand.

Hot Take: If Polo G were to drop a f**king album right now, I think it will outsell every single hip-hop release that came/will come out this year (Including J. Cole’s The Off-Season). I just think that the Chicago rapper is hotter than fish grease right now. Speaking of hot, Lil Wayne, a dude that made plenty of songs that reference fire, has been burning up mics as of late (Jesus, his verse on Nicki Minaj’s “Seeing Red” is fantastic). Today, both Polo and Wayne decided to release a collaboration single called “Gang Gang.”

I know this sounds basic as f**k, but “Gang Gang” is a lot of fun to listen to. It features a beat that knocks and is colorful, passionate raps, clever punchlines, fearless vocals, impeccable flows, and lyrics that promote good smoke, smoke, and money spending. When it comes to combining their superpowers to make a song that both of their true fans can enjoy, Polo G and Lil Wayne did a very good job.

Listen to “Gang Gang” by Polo G and Lil Wayne below.

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