Sean Kingston & G-Herbo

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Sean Kingston is a GOAT in my book (Why are you laughing?).

Seriously, I am a big fan of Sean Kingston’s debut album. Dude, you didn’t like “Take You There?” Well, in the last couple of years, Sean hasn’t done much. Today, he decided to make his valiant return to the music scene with “Darkest Times,” a deep-ass banger that features lonely vibes, passionate singing, and a G-Herbo verse (What a random mix, right?).

I f**k with the song’s powerful lyrics (Both Sean and Herbo talk about needing only the most loyal to be by their side. They also talk about their rough come-ups and boss ways), smooth beat (It sounds like a beat Baby Bash would do work over), and the hook (The melody that Sean hooks us up with on the hook is pretty good). I don’t care for Herbo’s unenthusiastic verse (He clearly mailed it in) or the moments in which Sean thinks he’s the second coming of Lionel Ritchie.

Listen to “Darkest Times” below.

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