Benny The Butcher & 38 Spesh

Benny The Butcher & 38 Spesh both empty their clips in “Trust The Sopranos.”

Two of the hardest gangs in hip-hop right now are Benny The Butcher’s Black Soprano Family and 38 Spesh’s Trust Gang. In Trust The Sopranos, the two gangs come together, and what they bless us with is nothing but cold hard rap bangers.

So, who are the folks that spit bars in Trust The Sopranos? Benny The Butcher, 38 Spesh, El Camino, Klass Murda, Ransom, Ampichino, Heem, Rick Hyde, Che Noir, and Chase Fetti. While I am not that fond of most of these rappers’ work, I will say that each one puts up a verse or two in this album that will have you shaking in your boots (I mean that in a good way).

Listen to Trust The Sopranos below.

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