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“DROWNING” is a satisfying blend of a bunch of genres.

American recording artist Watson finds inspiration in a variety of genres and lets his diverse palate reflect in his distinctive sound. His unique combination is described as a mix of Eclectic SadBoi Pop, Sex Rap, Future R&B, Internet Alternative, and Post-Pop Indie. One of his latest releases is the alternative rap single “DROWNING” and its hilariously bizarre accompanying music video.

According to Watson, “DROWNING” was created “in the middle of a party,” which can be heard in the intro. It definitely sets the tone for this angsty mixture of punk with a dark pop feel. A lot is going on with Watson’s track, but it feels overwhelming in a good way; like a cluster of swirling emotions with an ever-changing mood. The music video stands out with its parody of ’90s style music shows, as Watson appears as a reporter meant to interview an all-girl punk group. “DROWNING” is unique and will fill you up with ’90s nostalgia.

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