Lil Gotit Calls On Gunna For “Work Out”

This is easily one of my best Lil Gotit songs I’ve heard to date.

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Lil Gotit & Gunna

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This is easily one of the best Lil Gotit songs I’ve ever heard.

Lil Gotit must be cooking up something great because he decided to call his forthcoming album Top Chef Gotit. To get us hyped up for the album, he decided to release “Work Out,” a booming track that features one of the slimest chefs on this planet in Gunna.

The best thing about “Work Out” is the track’s fire-ass beat (Kudos to DMC Global and Evrgrn). I also f**k with Gotit’s animated/gangsta/squeaky/infectious raps. As for Gunna, I like how he opts to play the cool guy on the track, never really raising his decibel levels but still hitting us with appealing raps. All in all, everyone involved in this song made sure to make me a happy camper.

Listen to “Work Out” by Lil Gotit & Gunna below.

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