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Hunter Falls

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“Fame” is a mesmerizing moody pop single made up of dance-ready beats and blunt honesty.

Belgium-based singer and songwriter Hunter Falls is back with his latest single “Fame.” The multi-talented commercial pop artist with a knack for immersing his multi-cultural background into his music uses his new track to tell another personal story. According to Hunter Falls, “Fame” “is about having to make a devastating decision between the things you love the most.” A lyrical music video also accompanies the single.

The track’s lyrics reflect on personal regret and choices unapologetically, as Falls admits he loves the spotlight with lines like “I’m in love with the world right at my feet.” While “Fame” has a dark, moodier tone, it still feels commercial and easily makes a danceable beat. While most of us might not be able to relate to the price of fame, we can all connect with the struggle of having to make hard choices.

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