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Russ & Rexx Life Raj

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

Russ and Rexx Life Raj make fantastic music whenever they link up.

People already know how underrated Russ is. However, I don’t think that people know how underrated Rexx Life Raj is. Today, the two underappreciated artists decided to release a new collaboration single called “Private.”

55% of “Private” is smoother than Jif peanut butter (Sidenote: Remember when your mom would accidentally buy the jar of peanut butter with the chunks of peanuts in it? That s**t was so disgusting). The song features an instrumental that is so soothing it might f**k around and make you doze off and a hook by Rexx Life Raj that is infectious as hell (I’m kind of mad that he doesn’t rap on the song). As for Russ, he adds a splash of grit to the song by blessing us with a few hard-hitting verses that should show his main chick how much he appreciates her.

For some reason, I really like it when rappers get other rappers to sing on their tracks.

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