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Steam Train Hearts

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“Uncertainty” is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for fans of ’80s style rock with an edge.

Richmond, Virginia-based group Steam Train Hearts describe themselves as a “rumbling retro-’80s indie rock band spitting smoke and cider.” The band is made up of members Blee Child, Bruce Smith, Michael Click, Kyle Hermann, and Wallace Dietz. The track “Uncertainty” is from their 2020 album release Smoke & Cinder.

“Uncertainty” is upbeat and layered with plenty of instrumentals reminiscent of the band’s ’80s style roots. The rawness of the vocals pleasantly adds to the grungy style while reflecting on all the different swirls of emotions and the questions that love can introduce. Fans of ’80s style alternative rock and punk will love jamming out with the nostalgic “Uncertainty.”


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