Meek Mill Goes Off In “Flamerz Flow”

Meek Mill sounds gritty as f**k in “Flamerz Flow.”

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Meek Mill

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Meek Mill sounds gritty as f**k in “Flamerz Flow.”

Meek Mill has been such an important figure when it comes to prison reform, I feel like people forget how good of a rapper that he is. For those of you that need proof that he can still rap circles around your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, please press play on “Flamerz Flow.”

“Flamerz Flow” is meaner than Washington Wizards’ security. The song features a riveting/action-packed beat, aggressive rap deliveries, and lyrics that never stop sounding heinous, hood-certified, violent, or real as hell. S**t, after listening to the track, I applied for a job in the bando.

Listen to the fiery “Flamerz Flow” below.

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