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Yo Gotti & DaBaby

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

I will not be surprised if “Drop” ends up being the song of the summer.

Since COVID is in critical condition right now, I expect this upcoming summer to be a semi-Hot Girl/Hot Boy summer. To get us hyped up for the season, Yo Gotti and DaBaby decided to release “Drop,” a banger that I am sure will turn day parties in DC up.

“Drop” features strip club vibes that cater to Yo Gotti’s style of rapping. It also features a simple-ass beat that caters to DaBaby’s style of rapping. Since both rappers are in their comfort zone, they go off in the song. Throughout their respective verses, they hold nothing back when it comes to talking about rough sex, excessive spending, stalkers, twerkers, and incest (Eww). While DaBaby hits us with flows that we’ve heard before in his verse, Gotti sorta sounds like he has a cold on his.

If you think about it, this song is disgusting as s**t.

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