Peter Rosenberg

For a dude that sounds like a complete nerd, he has some hard-ass features on his album.

I kid, I kid! Peter Rosenberg is one of the most important voices on hip-hop radio today. Well, when you are an important hip-hop radio voice, you’ve probably garnered a bunch of relationships in the music industry. With that being said, today, Rosenberg decided to release Real Late, a project that features some of the hardest rappers in the game right now.

The following people are on Real Late: Westside GunnStyles P, Ransom, Smoke DZA, Flee Lord, Stove God Cooks, Jay Nice, Eto, Method Man, Willie The Kid, Raekwon, Meyhem Lauren, Ghostface Killah, Crimeapple, Jim Jones, Rasheed Chappell, 2nd Generation Wu, Fly Anakin, Nickelus F, and Homeboy Sandman. Even though that is an impeccable lineup that I just mentioned, on the real, the best thing about the project might be the beats that the rappers spit their bars over (They boast old school vibes, they are dramatic, they hit harder than Jake Paul, and they are goonish).

Listen to Real Late below.

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