Rising Chicago MC ISA continues to make his mark in 2021 with another new track.

ISA is forging a space for himself within the music world and is not letting up until he gets the recognition he deserves. He released his latest single “Every Time” last month. The single is preceded by “First,” “Extra,” and “Killers Cry,” all released earlier this year.

Every Time is heavily inspired by the time ISA spent locked up in jail, especially by the various conversations he had with his fellow inmates. The rapper quotes, “Every Time is really about [having] consistency in whatever and everything that you do.” The track is the manifestation of a promise he made himself while locked up: he was going to give his all to music if he got out. ISA draws creative influences from artists like Nipsey Hussle, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne; influences that are all noticeable in ISA’s cadence, flows, and the beat he decided to rap over.

Fans can check out Every Time as well as ISA’s other singles on Spotify and Apple Music.




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