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Newcomer Ally Eandi Embodies ’00s Teen Rom-Coms With “My First Dance” 

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Ally Eandi

RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“My First Dance” is a nostalgic blend of teen romance and poetic pop that will take you right back to your high school days.

Emerging pop artist Ally Eandi is a singer and songwriter from California that is ready to share her captivating stories with the world. Eandi’s work deals with relatable topics about teenage love, loss, and the ever-changing world around her. The motto “beautiful, but dares to be bold” reflects the fairytale-like lyrics that she blends with her pop-punk style. Her new release is the single “My First Dance.”

According to Eandi, “My First Dance” was created for anyone who’s ever wished they were starring in a 2000s style high school romantic comedy. The single tells the charming story of a teenager’s excitement for her first dance. The lyrics are coated with plenty of magical elements that are told with warm captivating vocals. It paints a delightful fantasy world that reflects the enchanting vibe of young love. If teen rom-coms are your vibe, you’ll love getting swept up in “My First Dance’s” sentimental sweetness.






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