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Renegade Reazy, Tory Lanez & K CAMP

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Tory Lanez and K CAMP are addicted to making hits.

Renegade Reazy probably produced your favorite song’s favorite song. Throughout the last couple of years, he has produced tracks for everybody from Tory Lanez to DJ Khaled to Dave East. Today, Renegade decided to be greedy for once and release “C.O.D,” a song that he can finally call his own.

“C.O.D” features Tory Lanez and K CAMP. While the former blesses us with a hook and verse that will make you want to splurge on strippers and act a fool in a ratchet club, the latter blesses us with a boss-ass rap verse that will let you know that he’s used to having the upper hand with scandalous chicks. As for Reazy, he hooks both artists up with a beat that will make venues shake.

Listen to “C.O.D” below.

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