RGM RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

GoldLink continues to sound like he gets high off of Nintendo cartridges in his music.

I admire GoldLink’s bravery as an artist. As soon as he blew up, he switched up his style (That takes some kahunas to do). With that being said, I hope we get the old version of the DMV rapper on his forthcoming album. Based on his latest single, “White Walls,” it seems like we are going to get the old new version of him (Hopefully that makes sense).

“White Walls” is not bad. Even though GoldLink continues to think that his raps sounding like they are being spit out of an 8-bit video game console sounds good, I do like the tenaciousness he raps with in the song (In his verses, he calls out Sheck Wes (For some odd reason), he addresses critics of his new style, and he comes across as a braggadocios douchebag). I also like the flows that he raps with and the lowkey catchy hook.

GoldLink, I love that you’re willing to experiment, but I’ma need fifteen different versions of “Crew” on your new album.

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