Lil Durk, Latto, and Don Tolliver


I just found out that Vin Diesel and his crew fight space aliens in F9.

The very last Fast & Furious movie that I watched was Fast & Furious 3 with Bow Wow, so that should tell you how far removed I am from the movie franchise. However, what I have heard is a bunch of Fast & Furious soundtracks in the last couple of years. Based on a few singles that I’ve heard from the F9 soundtrack (Including “Fast Lane”), I am confident in saying that this might be one of the franchise’s best soundtracks.

The beat that powers “Fast Lane” lazily flips Big Tymers’ classic “Still Fly” beat. Over the beat, Don Toliver drops a hook that switches between smooth and boisterous, Latto hits us with a verse that will convince you that she’s one of the sliest chicks in the game, and Lil Durk hits us with a verse that has him sounding a lot like Roddy Ricch (Remember the days we used to think that Roddy sounded like Durk? Those days are long gone).

I take what I said in the first paragraph back, this song is dull.

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