Johanna Rittiner Sermier Takes Us On An Inspirational Journey With “La liberta” 

A blend of classical melodies and uplifting, stunning vocals.

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Johanna Rittiner Sermier

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A blend of classical melodies and uplifting, stunning vocals.

Johanna Rittiner Sermier is a Swiss musician, author, composer, guitarist, and multi-tone vocalist. Her musical journey from psychedelic rock to punk, grunge, and blues eventually led her to become a professional Opera singer. Sermier likes mixing genres, which is reflected in her musical arrangements. Her latest release is the album Per Hominis III. “La liberta” is a track off the new release.

Sermier has a beautifully captivating voice that will hold your attention throughout the track. The accelerations from soft and simple notes to fast-paced expressive instrumentals are an intense yet enjoyable contrast. “La liberta” is a vibrant piece of musical art that’s filled with exceptional passion and style. If you’re up for trying something different, you won’t be disappointed with Sermier’s lovely track.


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