GoldLink & Flo Milli


This is one of the most normal tracks that GoldLink has dropped in a while.

Am I going to listen to GoldLink’s forthcoming album when it releases this Friday? Hell yeah! Even though his last couple of singles have been bizarre, at the end of the day, he has talent that cannot be ignored. With that being said, GoldLink’s latest single, “Raindrops” with Flo Milli, is one of his most orthodox releases in a while.

“Raindrops” features a very smooth beat (That also has tons of bass attached to it), a hook by Flo Milli that is extremely catchy, and lyrics by GoldLink that are romantic, pimpish, and slightly rebellious. While I love the song’s vibes, I do think that the song as a whole is a little on the basic side (Look at me crying about GoldLink experimenting then complaining after he drops something that is not experimental at all… I don’t know what I want in life).

Judge “Raindrops” for yourself by listening to it below.

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