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Clay Newsom 


Clay Newsom perfectly mixes pop and reggae in “Innocent Crime.”

New and up-and-coming artist, Clay Newsom, released his debut single in 2018. He followed it up closely with his EP, “Confide”. He has spent the last two years focusing on developing his skills as a recording artist and is busting back into the music scene with four new tracks for the upcoming film “Do You Remember”. You can hear how his work paid off In his newest single, “Innocent Crime”. 

Newsom blends pop and reggae to create an invigorating melody and beat sure to get your body moving. With lyrics like, “You’re my innocent crime. The love in my reflection. The light that doesn’t shine,” Newsom captures the love that you could never quit even though your parents and friends definitely warned you against it. “Innocent Crime” will have you bopping along to all the ups and downs of the love that feels so right it can’t possibly be wrong.

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