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ANDRONYX Makes A Grand Romantic Gesture With “More Than You”

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“More Than You” is a vivid exploration of epic passion complimented by intense instrumentals.

Chicago singer and songwriter, ANDRONYX, crafts music that combines personal experiences with elements of pop and R&B sounds. His debut single, “More Than You,” is set to release Friday, June 25th. According to ANDRONYX, “More Than You” is primarily inspired by Hans Zimmer’s song “Time” off the Inception soundtrack.



This track is all about romance encompassed in endless waves of rising instrumentals that nicely build with intensity. “More Than You” touches on everything from sentimental statements to extraordinary declarations with lyrics like “travel 10 thousand miles to get to you” and “battle a hundred men to be next to you.” If you’re looking to get lost in romantic vibes, you’ll love the emotional energy of “More Than You.”




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