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Danny Ali

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“Bad Religion” is a captivating piece of Ali’s journey that reflects personal struggles and touching emotions.

San Francisco native, Danny Ali, is a 24-year old creative that is ready to showcase his versatile sound to the world. His work displays everything from moody, hard-hitting pieces to energetic, uplifting vibes. After Ali’s first official single dropped in 2018, attention for the young artist’s notable songs continued to rise. “BAD RELIGION” is a track off Danny Ali’s latest release, the hometown homage album 6ix!, and features Kola and Celiana.

While the reflective story of “BAD RELIGION” touches on the past by looking back at issues faced in a relationship, the emotional lyrics touch on the pain and anxiety of trying to heal while struggling. “BAD RELIGION” has a very laid-back yet catchy sound that seems like the perfect energy for the story it’s telling.

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