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MrDotLegend Goes Off In “500 Million”

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“500 Million” is the type of song that will make clubs shake.

MrDotLegend is a veteran rapper that knows how to intimidate mics with his explosive style of rapping. He has released a total of seven albums since 2011. His latest album release is the action-packed MrDotLegend Presents Flawless Victory. One track that you will hear on the project is the high-octane “500 Million.”

“500 Million” will make your heart rate increase rather quickly. For starters, the song features this earth-shattering instrumental that never lets up in ferociousness. As for MrDotLegend, throughout the song, he hits us with fiery rap flows, ultra-competitive lyrics, and a hook that is hella entertaining. All in all, “500 Million” is a track that is worth as much as its name.

Watch out for the music video coming up on July 4th. And give “500 Million” a shot and a half below.




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